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    • zionist forever
    • 08.12.11 | 19:58 (IST)

    Gideon firstly lets not forget the little fact that Abbas is the one who has spent the past 3 years refusing to talk to Bibi, even when he was given an unconditional 10 month building freeze Abbas was not interested in talking but of course as everybody loves to hate Bibi Abbas can do no wrong. If Abbas sneezed somebody would find an excuse to pin the blame for it on Bibi. As for the plan Abbas put forward to the Quartet it hasn't been made public what it was he offered so it could well have been something he knew Bibi would reject from the start. Bibi RIGHTLY said that borders must be discussed through negotiations and whilst we all love to hate Bibi he is 100% correct in that issue. There are so many issues which are all part of the same package, its like a jigsaw puzzle that you can't put together unless you have not just all the pieces but also the picture on the box so you know what it should eventually look like. When considering borders there are lots of things to consider like settlements, security, water etc its not just a matter of Abbas saying here is a map of what I want take it or leave it and if you leave it your not serious about peace. A peace PROCESS is not supposed to be about Abbas drawing maps its supposed to be about BOTH sides sitting down without pre conditions and discussing all the issues until they can work out a deal where neither side gets what they want but both sides get something. Abbas says he won't talk unless settlement building stops, we he knows full well Bibi can't do that and hold his coalition intact but if Abbas was willing to sit down and talk without preconditions he could NEGOTIATE a long term freeze, the man has wasted the fact he had the American president backing his corner by refusing to talk. Obama might be unable to help him as much at this stage due to his coming election but if Abbas is willing to talk unconditionally instead of playing silly games with the UN Obama can still help him. So come on Gideon instead of blaming Bibi because he is Bibi and you love to hate him why not try being objective for a change and look at the bigger picture and placing blame where blame is due not just on the man you don't like.

    from the article: How peace vanished from Israeli discourse
    First published 03:12 08.12.11 | Last updated 03:12 08.12.11
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