Gideon criticises the left for their treatment of haredi but in the same article does more left wing haredi bashing - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • zionist forever
    • 07.07.11 | 15:09 (IDT)

    Yes there are settlers who persecute palestinians but the reason for that is the palestinians persecute them. Palestinian burn the settler olive trees and they do the same back. They don't like each other. I am not saying settlements are good or bad just stating fact neither side are innocent victims and are both as bad as each other so please Gideon don't try paint the palestinians as angels and the settlers as Nazis. Yes the haredi want extra child allowances for the obvious reason that they have large families ( not a crime ). The reason Shas are fighting for these extra child allowances is because thats what they are in the Knesset to do. Israel's system of coalition government means that apart from the main 3 all the parties are single issue, they have their own pet causes and the want to join the Kneset to join coalitions and push their own causes. You want to change that then you need to change the electoral system to one where a single party runs the country alone for a set period of time. That is not a problem you can blame on Shas its the system itself. As for Livni she is not a woman of principle and her problem with Shas was not child allowance increases it was the fact their their price of joining a coalition was she guarantee in writing that she will not do any deals on Jerusalem and she refused so she couldn't get the numbers to form a coalition and was forced into an election not something she called for out of principle. Livni might want to sell herself as whiter than white but she isn't. As for the haredi themselves in Israel they might all dress the same but they are not all the same in their attitudes. There are groups like Chabad who are outgoing, they join the army, they have jobs and welcoming of seculars. There are also more radical groups who want to live in their closed little communities, want to study Torah 25 hours a day and have no time for seculars. They might look the same but they are not all the same and the radicals are in the minority they just grab all the headlines. The seculars are also no better. The mostly left wing seculars who hate everything to do with religion take the attitude that anybody religious is trouble and they hate and persecute them. Mostly as a result of alliyah Israel is and probably always will be a divided society because there are so many cultures that they clash all the time. Its also a fact that the haredi are the religious heart of this country and its them that are keeping Israel a Jewish state in an increasingly secular world.

    from the article: The Left has always persecuted Orthodox Jews
    First published 03:16 07.07.11 | Last updated 03:16 07.07.11
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