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    • King David
    • 21.12.11 | 11:12 (IST)

    Ok , this article is written by someone who went to visit and praise ghadafi, ghadafi was sanctioned and supported for action against his country for killing thousands of innocent people. Amira also supports Syria, they are killing 20 people a day minimum . Over 5,000 now. Amira says gazans are hero,s and they shoot missiles after missiles on innocent people not against the army . Amira forgets that she lives in Israel where we can see her face , can you go to Saudi Arabia , and see your face there also? Can you drive a car in Saudi Arabia ? Amira can u go to Syria and support her heros that are getting killed bye an dictator for over 20 years. Every Arab country has one ruler for decades , let's check the list- Jordan , same ruler, Egypt- same ruler- Syria - same ruler- lybia - same ruler- Saudi arabi- same ruler- Iraq - same ruler Iran - same ruler- Tunisia - same ruler , Bahrain- same ruler , should I go on? Did Israel ever once go in gaza and purposely blow up buses , cafes, or restaurants? If Israel was so bad we would wipe u off the map then you can say we are bad, if Palestinians had our power they would wipe us out with out any freedom of speech. We wouldn't be talking why the Palestinians are oppressing the Jews , we would be talking about where to build the next mosk . Now think about all the nukes, missiles, and tanks we have, and think how easy we could wipe the Palestinians out , the Lebanese, and any country in the region , but we don't be cause , we want everyone to live in peace and we want security from people like your "heros". Your not a hero if you can't even acknowledge that Palestinians are not enslaved , because they are free to go any where they want if they feel like they are being punished . No one can stop them from crossing the border into any one of the 5-6 Arab country's that border it. So stop all the freaking sympathy talk when you or they have nothing to have sympathy but of the false , and untrue delitigamizing you spread, when in reality you are only delitigamizing your own self, you traitor go live in gaza .

    from the article: Palestinians are heroes, braving Israeli dictatorship
    First published 01:41 21.12.11 | Last updated 01:41 21.12.11
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