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    • zionist forever
    • 09.06.11 | 11:46 (IDT)

    General Gideon in all your wisdom and vast military experience how exactly would you have dealt with those protestors trying to storm the border and break through the fence the way they did first time? Do we just open the gates and say welcome to Israel? The IDF did act with restraint, where possible they used non lethal weapons like tear gas, when they had to use live ammunition they made efforts to do things like shoot at the legs. Those people took a decision to try and storm the fence knowing the risks, they must take responsibility for their own actions. So what if another fence have been set up, all countries build fences to keep people out. Why exactly are these people in Hama freedom fighters? How are we oppressing them, they live in Syria not Israel and so that makes Bashar Assad the oppressor. Yes a man did breach the border from Syria and go to Jaffa first time round, are we supposed to congratulate him for that or be jumping for joy? That man broke through the border fence he didn't come with a passport and make an official request to visit Jaffa he came in illegally by breaking through a border fence. We should be thankful he was unarmed because he could have just as easily had a gun or a bomb, there is no guarantee that all these people are unarmed. The IDF were trying to avoid a repeat preformance of them breaking into Israel. It doesn't matter if these people are children of refugees or children of Martians, they had no right to enter Israel and the IDF kept them out as they were ordered to do. The taking of the Golan was not an Israel initiative it was fighting a war that even the Israel hating UN claims the arabs initiated that war and not even Hafez Assad claimed Israel initiated the war. What demands will we have to meet in future? The fact that the arabs are toppling their dictators doesn't obligate Israel to do anything, its not our concern. Come on all knowing Gideon we have heard all your criticisms now why don't you tell us your solutions, practical solutions that can be achieved not theoretical ones which sound good in paper but in practice don't work so .

    from the article: Syrian slaughter and Israeli restraint
    First published 02:19 09.06.11 | Last updated 02:19 09.06.11
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