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    • zionist forever
    • 03.08.11 | 20:08 (IDT)

    The real problem with housing in Israel is the bulk of the population want to live in the center and along the coast so it drives up prices. Bibi has been trying to get the people to move out the cities and into the Negev by improving transport links, subsidies etc and successive governments have talked about Judaizing the Galilee for decades and done nothing about it. Make use of the entire country instead of crowding into just the central region and its going to eventually stabilize pricing except for possibly the big cities like Tel Aviv and the coastal resorts which will always go for a premium. Putting up buildings in Israel I imagine is pretty cheap considering the shoddy workmanship and materials that go into even the new luxury buildings. If government gets into the housing business it means taxpayers are going to be stuck with the burden of building the things and hanging onto them until they are sold and also if government is building allot of buildings which they are selling at cost its going to unfairly hit the private developers. who don't have the luxury of selling at cost price so even buildings they build aimed at ordinary people rather than the luxury end and they will find themselves competing with government which is building at cost and so the result will be the private sector will stick with building luxury and government will be responsible for everything else which is a burden the government does not need. Do we really want the government to be responsible for all non luxury housing projects? You don't have to think its fair that government gives the private developers land to build affordable homes but its at least not costing the taxpayer money and the properties get built. Borrowing money, using public sector funds eventually that has to be paid for through higher taxes and cutbacks in other areas.

    from the article: Netanyahu: Housing protests are 'populist wave'; activists plan third mass protest in Tel Aviv
    First published 18:03 03.08.11 | Last updated 18:03 03.08.11
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