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    • Tosefta
    • 23.08.07 | 20:45 (IDT)

    Not only did Israel not renounce the occupation (which it originally planned on asking the UN to recognize), but it remains in full control of the Gaza borders: 1. Airspace reserved for Israeli use only. No other aircraft allowed. 2. Territorial waters out of bounds to all except Israeli navy, minus a strip of 5 km where Palestinian fishing is allowed. 3. Crossing to Israel of course under Israeli control (and rightly so). 4. Israel continues to control population registry. Only those registered as Gaza residents are allowed into Gaza. (The population registry is normally a function of government.) 5. Crossing to Egypt thru Rafa is also under Israeli "remote" control. European observers were enforcing rules agreed to with Israel. Sometimes, Israel wants the border closed, and it closes, as it is now. An occupation does not require that an occupier be stationed on every inch of territory, only that it controls the territory. If this can be done by "remote", why not? That is the way Jewish ghettos were occupied in the past. One may compare the legal standing of Gaza to that of a Jewish Ghetto, say Warsaw, and the Warsaw Ghetto was of course occupied. All entries and exits follow rules set by the Occupying Power. The occupier does not station troops inside the ghetto (in Warsaw, for fear of diseases), but can enter at will. Here is the news of Israel's plans from the time of the disengagement: "Israel will keep control of Gaza's borders, coastline and airspace and reserves the right to re-enter the territory at will." - BBC news, (21 June 2005) The BBC news follows the Israeli government decision. It not only failed to declare Gaza "unoccupied", as was the original plan, but reserved the right to go in at will, something you can't do to foreign territory. And here is a UN document from AFTER the disengagement, referring to Gaza as "occupied": Reports on Urgent High-Level Fact-Finding Missions to Occupied Palestinian Territories and to Beit Hanoun The Council has before it the report of the High-Level Fact-Finding Mission established under resolution S-3/1 (A/HRC/5/7). By that resolution, the mission was requested to travel to the town of Beit Hanoun in the occupied Palestinian territory of Gaza, following Israeli military operations carried out there in 8 November 2006, and was mandated, inter alia, to assess the situation of victims; address the needs of survivors; and make recommendations on ways and means to protect Palestinian civilians against any further Israeli assaults.

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