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Hezbollah rally, May 2015.

Cyprus foils Hezbollah plot to hit Israeli targets

Cypriot police arrest 26-year-old Lebanese-born male, seize almost two tons of ammonium nitrate in his basement.

Beitar fans holding up the Kahanist flag in a match against Bnei Sakhnin

6 reasons why it won't be bad if FIFA boots Israel

Treating Israel's potential expulsion from world football as an existential matter is patently ridiculous. Here's why it could be a positive development for Israel.

Security agents hold a demonstrator holding a Palestinian flag and calling for Israel's expulsion

Pro-Palestinian protesters interrupt FIFA Congress

Hours before soccer body will vote on whether to expel Israel, two protesters interrupted opening address, waving red cards at representatives and chanting 'Israel out!'

BDS protest

How BDS helps Bibi and his useless ministers

If hasbara was a real thing, it would have a real ministry with a budget and wouldn’t be the last portfolio handed out to a disgruntled minister looking for a fancy title.