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    • Aliza
    • 08.06.13 | 13:05 (IDT)

    He created man and did NOT blend men, but even gave them specific continents of their own to live on. He even gave the Africans black skin in order to survive under the dangerous UV-rays of the extremely hot African sun. G-D lovingly has thought of everythng! Only we people strive at disrupting G-D's order and purpose and rebell against Him and His plan .... and as we see: nothing but chaos and strife have followed. - Peoples also have different mentalities: for ex.: the Nordic people are shy, quiet and calm by nature and slow to anger and tend to turn their anger at themselves, of which high suicide rates are an indication, bc anger is not acceptable to their mentality. The Middle Easterners are fierce and easily explosive of the slight and petty and hence violence is acceptable as their way of life. Then we have mankind's most intelligent people in Asia, who are diligent, innovative and polite and considerate of others by their nature. Empathy and high intelligence namely are enmeshed together. Despite our differences we 'd all get along just fine, if we RESPECTED one another instead of aspired to take advantage of the other's fine characteristics: like the white European Conquistadors in the Mididle Ages took advantage of the honesty and hospitality of the South-American Indians and robbed them from their richdom and slayed them and destroyed their civilization, bc the Conquistadors did not respect these Indians as human beings nor appreciate these Indians' fine qualites. Men tend to perceive other people's fine qualities like kindness, friendliness, hospitality etc. as "weakneses" they can abuse for their own ends and here we men go astray and therefore we NEVER can live together in harmony. We will hardly ever grow out from our animal instinct to prey, which this will to rapaciously abuse the other is. RESPECT is the magic word that 'd bring peace to mankind. G-D most likely knew that respect is not likely between men, bc man's animal instinct to prey stands on the the way as an obstacle, and therefore in order to establish peace between men, G-D separated peoples from one another. As it is written in the !I Moses: "each acc. to its species". To the Jews G-D also determined a lot: that of a people "who dwells alone", which of course is not easy for the sociable and bubbly Jews, but alas, G-D sees that the rest of mankind hates the Jews and will not grow out of it ever. So let us stretch according to this hatred instead of resisting it. - I think mankind wastes a lot of energy fighting against G-D's order and trying to change it, which is yet another Babel's Tower men are building. How can man, who is "dust of the earth, food of the maggots", go against anything G-D has ordained? Bc of man's strong narcisstic WILL that is constantly trying to topple G-D's will. THAT shows that mankind -inspite of its accomplishments- is not so bright, for you see, wisdom provides humility mankind is short of supply.

    from the article: Are we born racist? A new Israeli study has some surprising answers
    First published 10:55 08.06.13 | Last updated 10:55 08.06.13
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Kako Yamena with her mother Yordanes, in an Israeli hospital after Kako was stabbed in 2014.
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