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    • Claude
    • 06.05.05 | 17:28 (IDT)

    Yes, Israel wants peace and it has achieved peace with Egypt and Jordan. Israel has also peace with Turkey. The real question is what the Palestinians want? Do they want to bring back all the palestians refugees back inside Israel? It will never happen. The palestinians refugee should go live inside the palestinian state or stay where are they. End of discussion. Do the Palestian want a " one state solution". Yes, they do. But it will not happen. They will get a state and there they will have to build a society which is much better than the " demon apartheid zionist Israel". They will have to build a society where labors can strike, women have rights, religious minorities can workship, homosexuals have right, universities and institutes of research are developing first world science and technology, and freedom of speech and newspapers will be free to criticize and overcritize their societies. It is big task, but since all these things already exist in Israel, they will have to proof themselves better than the " evil zionist". Maybe all the israeli-arabs will move to the new palestinian state, since in Israel they feel so discriminated. Maybe they will a better life for them in other Arab state! Israel is and always will be a Jewish state. End of discussion. It is legitimate a Nation to keep its identity. France is a christian nation and the moment all the moslems tried to impose their will on us , we made clear that France is France. Look at all the fuss about this veil. Look at the new laws in Denamrk regarding immigration. The moment they realized that the moslem immigration was going of control they change the law to make sure that Denamark will be still Denamark. Look at Turkey and the European Community. The Hell will freeze, but Turkey will not be a full member of the European community. Why? Because Europe is has a christian heritage and we want to keep it. We do not want a moslem majority to decide about our lives. I am sure that between democracy ( the slight possibility of a large moslem majority in France which right to vote and decide our future) and France ( our ancient Nation with a strong and deep Christian background) we will choose France. Israel has all right to preserve it Jewish character. End of discussion. If the Arabs Israeli feel so unhappy and miserable they can immigrate to other Arab countries, but I think they know how is life in the countries of their arab brotherhood! Remember Black September!!. Claude

    from the article: Does Israel want peace?
    First published 00:00 06.05.05 | Last updated 00:00 06.05.05
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