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    • 26.03.10 | 20:51 (IDT)

    By Obama joing the rest of the crowd and pulling his muscles against Israel, Israel gains what it lost during the years ? its position and image as the David confronting Goliath. The pressure of Obama is sure to grow as the US economy is sure to continue to deteriorate under his ?leadership?. The US is losing its position and unfortunately its direction is clear - weaker and weaker dollar and eventually the coming of the hyper inflation. Sooner than later we might have a worthless million dollar bill that will carry Obama?s portrait on it... Obama?s brutal pressure, lack of true friendship and rude attempts to dictate do not go unnoticed. The new David is not alone and sooner than later will enjoy a greater and more vocal support by those who truly care about the State of Israel and oppose Obama?s rude and irresponsible acts and omissions. Nevertheless, its surely about time for the State of Israel to resolve the conflict with its neighbors. Israel was born in 1948. Its already 2010 (!) and the violence is still in full force and effect. The Israeli society changed quite a bit during the years and unfortunately not for the better. The Israeli news are full with growing events of local/internal violence and contempt to law and order and in general the way that many of the Israelis seem to express themselves is not something to report home but rather come across as primitive, uneducated and in way to many cases as embarrassing. Its one way to say that the Israelis are willing to meet the Arab leaders wherever they are to discuss peace. Its a whole different way to actually make peace. And Israel never truly made real peace and solve the core problem. So although Obama is the wrong person at the wrong time, this does not mean that the current Israel is something to be proud of. Unfortunately it is not. The obligation of the leaders of Israel is not only to secure the state. Its to build and secure a place that its worth living in. And as the days go by, and they do (1948....) it seems less and less obvious that Israel is truly a place that worth living in. So its about time to make a big change. Really big. For the sake of Israel.

    from the article: Netanyahu: I'm not building in Jerusalem for Lieberman and Yishai
    First published 03:45 26.03.10 | Last updated 10:12 07.04.10
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94-year-old former SS sergeant Reinhold Hanning sits in the courtroom in Detmold, Germany
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