Finally An Opportunity For Life, Liberty, & The Pursuit Of Happiness! Congratulations Egypt, You Deserve It, But Don't Throw Out Sadat's Baby With Mubarak's Bathwater! - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Lavi - Seattle
    • 12.02.11 | 17:26 (IST)

    Using such communication levers as the Internet, Facebook and Twitter, millions of suppressed Egyptians with a very natural resolve to experience basic human freedoms for themselves and their families after 30 years of suppression under a dictatorship, enthusiastically joined together and courageously jumped as one, large unified force for just 18 days, yet exerted enough pressure to dislodge the seemingly impossible fortified impediment of Mubarak's entrenched rule firmly blocking their way. Now they wake up to air that never smelled so fresh and plentiful and skies that never looked so clear and blue, and present and future dreams of national achievement that only their imaginations alone can hinder, not an autocratic regime. But in this dreamlike and euphoric but vulnerable state, watch out for the meddling influence of those like the Pirates of the Persian Gulf who stand nearby so willing to offer their usurping wares to a starved people, "goods and services" all coated with shiny coins and sweet wrappings in order to get their Trojan Horse of Terror Embassy nestled securely in Cairo and so their agents can then slip out at night to carry out their black agenda with friends like the Muslim Brotherhood who have been blood-thirsting for their spiritual freedom for as long as you've been hungering for to be physically free. This unholy alliance will only bring Egypt further tragedies that a Sadat experienced with Egyptian military losses and suffering earlier determined to put an end to for the sake of Egypt's future generations. The "peaceful" Muslim Brotherhood quickly put an end to his life and left a chilling legacy of what they're capable of doing with the continued killing of innocent tourists visiting your country, and who knows who else in your future as their lust for an Islamic Republic is unbridled and everything but the democratic values you fought for and will hopefully achieve.

    from the article: Egypt will maintain its peace treaty with Israel, military says
    First published 16:07 12.02.11 | Last updated 16:07 12.02.11
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