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    • Ron
    • 18.02.11 | 23:00 (IST)

    Strange - You sign an agreement, you deliver the goods (Sinai, etc) and American provide their side of the bargain ($billions, etc)- An agreement that is not Bound by time or provide an out clause. P Peace agreement which is applauded by the same people who want similar agreements with other enemies of Israel - e.g. Syria and the Golan. The strange part is that those same people are quick to go on a blame game calling intelligent failure, other failure, etc - i.e. now it is a FAILURE that no one watched Egypt , who supposedly is bound by its agreements and to Peace. Lets presuppose you know that the Mubarrak and his cronies are in trouble and Muslim brotherhood is likely to rule - what do you do?? Send troops to Egypt to help Mubarrak?, Support and Motivate him from the side line? , etc - OR do you assume agreements mean commitment. OR do you take the Sinai back while confusion rains ?, OR what do you do after the fact - now you have 20/20 vision - what does the writer proposes - Taking the Sinai back?, What if Egypt reneges on Peace agreement - do you go to war?, Do you go to UN and cry tears for which no tissu would be forthcoming? , You should have known is an easy charge to make - what is not clear what the knowledge would help you after you deliver the goods. Also if the writer claims that these agreements are subject to changing at the whim of who ever happens to take over the governments then why would he (and others) even push for similar agreement with Syria and use the Egyptian peace agreement as an example. What is it - a bet each way with life&death? - In times when people could not rely on agreement and the ability to enforce the terms they simply avoided the agreements (unless coerced into them). Now we know that the likelyhood of enforcing a peace agreement on Egypt - e.g. asking to return all they received under this agreement would be as likely as pigs flying - So what does the writer recommend ?? Or is it just to say knowledge is all that matters even if you can not do anything about it and that you should focus you limited resources on countries which you have peace with and therefore reduce those resources on the ones which you are at war with ? - or would he then claim that they have wasted resources by watching countries at peace and not focusing totally on the countries at war - you would not be able to win any brownie points with such a writer as it is simply a case of Failure which even the way the wind blows and his ideology to push. To express skepticism is just a start - you then have to think how achieve best outcome given the constraints which all decisions have - that means no only sayings this is wrong and this is wrong - OK what should we do ?- SORRY I am only a skeptic ......

    from the article: Why was Israel clueless about Cairo?
    First published 09:11 18.02.11 | Last updated 09:11 18.02.11
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