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    • zionist forever
    • 24.05.13 | 17:58 (IDT)

    Two men are sitting on a park bench, both the same age even look like each other and grew up in the same street. One of those men now owns a big business and ,owns a huge luxury penthouse with amazing sea views from his balcony. The man sitting next to him he is well he rents a small apartment in worst of town, the walls are damp, lights in the public areas don't work because the place hasn't been renovated in decades. The rich man is not going to decide to live in a run down apartment because the other guy does and he wants equality. The rich man also owns his own business but he is not going to go out his way to pay his employees lots of money because he wants to make a healthy profit that is all human nature. You also have a class structure wherever you go in the world. The man at the top though the course of his business dealings has made important influential contacts who will help him now and again when he needs abit of help. He has money and is trusted so the banks are willing to lend him money on favorable rates which helps him even more and so he can make more money. Then there is the little guy on the lowest rung of the ladder. He has never mat important people who can help him and he has no money of his own so whilst one man works hard and gets rich another works hard and goes nowhere. Its not the evil tycoons oppressing the poor the way the left have tried to make it all look since the social protests its just pure luck. The only place in the world where the classless society ever worked was in the kibbutzim, where everybody was equal nobody had more than the other, they didn't even own the shirt on their back or children everything belonged to the community and they shared it equally with decisions being made equally. The in the late 80s - early 90s everything began to change. First the government stopped subsidizing the kibbutzim so they had to become businesses to survive and the members wanted nice things that they saw people who did not live on the kibbutz buy because unlike the kibbutnicks they got paid for their work so the kibbutz started paying them. Then in the 21st century the kibbutznicks wanted even more and so now not only do they get paid but how much they earn is dependednt on your job so a professional earns more than a laborer. If you can afford it now members can even BUY their homes on the kibbutz so even on the kibbutz equality is gone and has been replaced by a class structure and Israel is not unique in having a class structure it just recieved more media attention since the social protests with people noticing much more that we have rich and poor and the old days when they country was in its youth where we were all poor but equal are long gone and no matter how many protests they hold those days are never coming back and the romantic socialist idea of an economic revolution is not going to happen. The rich are not evil and the poor are not good so lets end this idea of looking for scapegoats to blame for our own problems.

    from the article: The trap of being apolitical
    First published 06:00 24.05.13 | Last updated 19:16 23.05.13
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