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    • Carlos
    • 06.05.05 | 21:27 (IDT)

    Yaakov posted an interesting point of view when he mention the metaphora of his egyptian friend, and moved myself to consider some toughts. I see israel as an european country nailed among a middle east cultural and politic environment that can't understand. In 1948 the wave of jew people arrived to his just born state from a devastated Europe carrying the heavy stone of the holocaust, and at the same time the culture of a brilliant and turbulent sociopolitic stage born with the european socialism, the democratic rights, in fact, a sophisicated people illuminated by the philosophic and political thoughts of a whole generation with the genetics of the european colonialist mind. At last, they were former citizens of central colonialist states. And they still being ones. So, they watch their new neighbours in the same way the former dominant countries did. That's means, OK, don't worry too much, they aren't equals, they are more primitives, they can accept our domination and will be grateful about progress and the better life conditions we get, at all they aren't a country or a state as we know it in the civilization where we're coming from. Europe. Israel never understood (and never take care about)the idiosincracy and culture or the recent history and facts in the scene, or the permanent state of rebellion because the lack of freedom of the original inhabitants, their continuous struggle against the last dominant power. That facts should create a state of mind in this people, certain familiarity with pain, sacrifice and death. Israel -as a nation just born- has a very high opinion of himself, and a very poor one of the "others", a very high selfconfidence, but ignoring the consequences of his own inner contradictions and the deep changes working on the whole world after WWII. At last, all those aboriginal inhabitans expeled from their homes and lands or oppressed under israeli rule, aren't just smoke in the wind. They still being there, creating a huge dilemma, exposing the nude reality. The deep contradictions of a so called modern, sophisticated State of Rights. And now what? Because I see the Israelí democracy trying to get his Eretz Israel dream. That's the most relevant no solution contradiction. One of them, democracy or the zionist dream, should disappear.

    from the article: Does Israel want peace?
    First published 00:00 06.05.05 | Last updated 00:00 06.05.05
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