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    • zionist forever
    • 05.04.11 | 13:06 (IDT)

    Please accept it Israel's socialist roots are dead or dying by the day. Today its not a crime to be rich. If you do want somebody to blame for that one then look no further than Bibi who as finance minister under Sharon he made all kinds of reforms which turned around the economy. Those reforms went a long way towards killing off socialism but the country as a whole is better for it because it attracts foreign investment and thats new money being brought into the country not recycling the money already here through taxation ( taking from the rich to give to the poor ). Why is it wrong for a CEO to earn millions? If the shareholders think a man like David Azrieli is doing enough for the company to justify a 25 million shekels salary he will get it. If he doesn't deliver the goods he will be given the boot. Good luck to Azrieli.... he has worked hard to build up this company which employs thousands of people. We should not condemn him from getting paid well because we feel its immoral or excessive its allowing the market to decide. The reason why Steve Jobs gets paid in shares is not a gesture of morality its for tax reasons. Jobs is a already one of the richest men in the world so he doesn't need the cash in hand he would get from a regular salary. You don't pay tax on shares you do on a regular salary. If we are going to look at this from a moral perspective who cheats the taxpayers of more? Steve Jobs who earns millions of dollars but is paid in shares so he pays no taxes on that salary or David Azrieli who gets paid 25 million shekels but pays taxes on that which goes straight back into the system every year. Or Steve Jobs who we get no money from until the day he chooses to sell his shares not when the government needs it so they can give the social workers or doctors a pay hike? In a capitalist system there will most certainly be much higher wage gaps between rich and poor rather than through excessive taxation which makes everybody poor. The rich work hard, they pay their taxes and they are the people who create jobs for the little people. We should not be condemning the rich because they are rich instead we should be saying well done you made it to the top. This idea about morality is politics of envy.

    from the article: Sooner or later, Israel's rich will be made to pay the price
    First published 02:52 05.04.11 | Last updated 02:52 05.04.11
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