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    • Ruth
    • 11.09.11 | 05:22 (IDT)

    Excellent article by Ari Shavit. He is spot on concerning our Prime Minister & Foreign Ministers' behaviour during the past months. As for the so-called "Arab Spring" - indeed this was a tremendous achievement and it was fascinating to watch the brave Egyptians stand in January 2011. Nine months on and they are still ruled by a dictatorship only this time it is a military dictatorship. The same people stealing from their land and people, the same interests who seek scapegoats in order to "calm" their own people who are seeking a better life. What better way than attacking Israel, what better way than destroying the Embassy of the hated enemy? Israel has not been Egypt's enemy since the peace treaty was signed so many years ago. Only a fool could believe that Egypt suffered because of that treaty and only a wicked fool prefers war. Once again the Egyptians are heading for the abyss, poverty beyond belief and chaos and all because they don't have leaders who care about them. They care only about lining their pockets. Israel is always blamed for everything and now isn't different. Yes, our leadership should not have let the momentum of an agreement stagnant. But do we really have partners for peace? Can anyone believe that Hamas seeks peace? Abbas appears to be more pragmatic and certainly wants to preserve the stability and financial gains of his leadership (his sons becoming billionaires during this time). But does he want a real peace? Living only a few miles from the border I certainly hope so but in the meantime Israel still awaits a partner for the vital negotiations. In the meantime we watch the Turkish Prime Minister drum up the war talk whilst forgetting that his country occupied a peaceful neighbour's land years ago, carried out ethnic cleansing on half of that Island, and conveniently forgets their attacks on the minorities of Turkey. He sends "Aid Ships" with terrorists and wonders why some of his nationals are killed when the ship refuses to stop for checks. It is fascinating to ask how many anti-Israeli posters on this site have ever attacked the Syrian government's brutal actions - oops, I forgot. We mustn't talk about them, that's an internal matter.

    from the article: Arab Spring showed its real face in attack on Israeli embassy in Egypt
    First published 00:34 11.09.11 | Last updated 00:34 11.09.11
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