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    • Stacie OBrien
    • 26.05.11 | 07:14 (IDT)

    Everyone has the right to exist. From what I understand, God and Allah would agree about the whole existing thing, since they did the whole creating thing. The land controversy on the other hand is a mess there is no easy answers too. This soil has been fought and bled over since the beginning of time. Each people have sacred places here, each people believe it is their God given right (literally) to live there, each people now have generations of family that was born there and died there. Coexisting, I don't know. It boils down to peace, which people can live there in peace with the other. Trust is the main problem. Can one people trust the other not to rebel or try to overthrow? Can one people trust the other to cooperate in keeping a Jewish/Arab State safe, keeping their women and children safe? Can one people "keep out" the surrounding middle east and be brave enough to stand on their own, but with each other in their Israel/Palestine COUNTRY so that every citizen feels safe from enemies, foreign and domestic? Will either people finally realize how powerful they could be as a whole with set borders that doesn't keep each other out but keeps everyone else out. They could create a government with laws that benefit and protect each other and find a pride inside themselves called patriotism, and a love for this Holy Land that exists in peace. Land swaps and adjusting borders only fuels hate and racism. It just seems like, with all the intelligent people in that country, a constitution could be developed that is for all the people of that country. One with an understanding that each is to respect the others right to exist and to worship and woe be to any other country that tries to corrupt this new peaceful Holy Land. If an Israeli group can't look upon a Palestinian as a fellow citizen, that group would be a domestic threat and dealt with accordingly, and if a Palestinian group cannot look upon an Israeli as a fellow citizen, again the group is a domestic threat. Work together for a sovereign, free, peace and love your country so much that the citizens as a whole look upon all hatred and dictators who try to influence or harm that peace as TRAITORS that should be dealt with swiftly and accordingly. Both sides want a peace that moving land lines will not achieve. This should be more than apparent by now. The question would be "Does each and every citizen want peace severely enough to break ties with all hate groups and countries that threaten the peace of their land?" Will it ever come to pass when a deal is struck and neither the Israelis nor Palestinians loses anything, but the both gain a country, with a government that has leaders from both sides? I really believe that, just by setting a peaceful and trustworthy example, a country like this would have a huge voice, not only in the UN, but among all nations worldwide.

    from the article: Upon return from Washington Netanyahu says Israel found U.S. support
    First published 00:44 26.05.11 | Last updated 00:44 26.05.11
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