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    • 03.01.10 | 14:05 (IST)

    Hasbara Eve. Please explain where the figure of 99% came from? "As to Arab Palestinian refugees, most left while protected by the British Army" Eve. Lies Eve, as evidenced by Israeli scholarship. All of it widely accepted in the western world.Even in Israel it is hardly marginal: "700,000 Arabs who left during the 1948 War, urged to do so by Arab leaders" Jackie Wrong. Benny Morris, concluded that Jewish military attacks were the main direct cause of the exodus, followed by Arab fear due to the fall of a nearby town, Arab fear of impending attack, and expulsions. Arab exhortations do not even rate as a prime cause. B. Morris texts are standard texts used throughout the academic world today, especially in US universities. Tom Segev, the noted Israeli author has this to say in his book, The June 1967 war and the Palestinian refugee problem. "Ben-Gurion himself continued to promote this line, [also Jackie's line]arguing in December 1967 that in 1948 "All the refugees left following their leaders' incitement during the British Mandate era and not after Israel was established." This was untrue: Most of the inhabitants of Lydda and Ramla had been expelled approximately two months after Israels declaration of independence. Additional refugees were deported even later, from the Galilee, the Ashqelon area, and elsewhere. Subsequently it was established that roughly half the refugees left their homes and fled out of fear of the war, and half were forcibly deported." Segev's assessments quoted above , are made with the aid of some rather conclusive footnotes: Ben-Gurion Diary, 14 Dec. 1967, BGA. In a government debate in 1961, Ben-Gurion initially claimed that the refugees "left" but then conceded that "they were pressured to leave." Discussion with Ben-Gurion, 23 June 1961, ISA, 7936/A-6. Ben-Gurion diary, 1 June 1967; 14 Dec. 1967, BGA; discussion with Ben-Gurion, 23 June 1961, ISA, 7936/A-6; Elisha Efrat, Geography of Occupation [in Hebrew] (Tel Aviv: Carmel, 2002), p. 139. http://prrn.mcgill.ca/research/papers/segev.pdf

    from the article: Comment / Settlers can stay, but only as citizens of Palestine
    First published 01:52 01.01.10 | Last updated 08:51 01.01.10
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