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    • Istonia Justia Karoon Kamaroon 2nd entry
    • 14.09.10 | 16:08 (IST)

    We have been evaluating prison systems worldwide but the problem is that yes they broke the law yes I a tax payer have to pay for all their needs while I did not break the law. Their families who are innocent have to work to pay for their care to with tax payer deductions but they love them or hate them because they broke the law. At this time we need to figure out how to make the prisoners work and create income to first feed themselves not be free to hurt because really your putting them in a cell to rest eternally sleep while your people work all the time as tax payers to provide for them meals and they get gym time we dont they get socialization time we dont we work to much they get to act out we dont we have to comply they get to watch television we dont we are busy raising their kids in the foster system and adoptions because momma went broke we have to make sure those kids get Christmas cause we love them. We dont get time to rest and watch television I have to work to provide for the prisoners but boy I sure want to save that one kid down the way who gets hit on and beaten and tormented but he gonna end up in juvie and then the big prison someday for the way they treat him but I work so much and then the ball game then I am just exhausted. I bet I can take him to college ball game maybe that one day besides my kids will help him think of what he can never have because he going to juvie. I got to work to support the prisoner with my tax dollars if they could just make the prisoner work in standard osha laws to provide for us for once I only make 10 dollars USA funds I have to feed my family and all that stuff but my great aunt only gets 600 dollars a month for her living and she had a heart attack so we all chipping in. We believe in family. Boy if they would just make those people in the prison pay restitution for their crimes instead of rewarding them with continual rest I am so tired. Make them work in locked down security zones for their needs first restitution to pay to the victims families then for their own family resource and kids even if adopted or in foster care. Karoon 2nd entry

    from the article: Life imprisonment for murderer of young Tair Rada
    First published 13:13 14.09.10 | Last updated 13:13 14.09.10
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