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    • Djuli
    • 14.05.10 | 13:35 (IDT)

    I am greatful for this petition. Israel had a lot of possiblities to make peace. In 1967 it was the aggressor, as high ranking Israelian militares made clear years later. There was no serious threat, That was just a media bluff. In 1973 Egypt offered peace and aknowledgement, if Israel goes back behind the Green Line. Israel didn't accept and that's why the Yom Kippur War happened. The UN demanded Israel to go back in order to make peace possible. Arafat aknowledged Israel within it's 1948 boundaries, but Israel went on settling in the occupied territories and as if an aknowledgement wouldn't exist .It went on suppressing millions of Palestinians and made their life harder and harder. The Arab Liga, 22 Arabian Nations are offering Israel peace and full aknowledgment, if it only would do, what International Law anyway demands, to withdraw to the 1948 boundaries. The Arab Liga also accepted, that not all refugess should have a right to return, in order to keep Israels Jewish character it accepted to find a solution in Consent with Israel. There is no doubt, that countries around do NOT want war with Israel, but noone can justify the constant bullying of millions of Palestinians and the constant defiance of international law through Israel. The occupations is suppurating wound, which garantees ongoing conflict. It is Israels politics to act like an ostriche, what will lead to further isolation and ongoing violence on both sides, if not to a catastrophe sooner or later. I only don't understand, why the European Intelectuals try to distinguish themself so very much from the Left and their critics from the zionist Agenda. I don't know if maybe there is a branch in former political movement, which might be motivated by Antisemitism, however for most of the Left there certainly is no difference at all to the position of the petition. the occupation and it's realities are nothing new. It is the Israelian right, which is using the allegation of 'Antisemitism' in order to lible critics and altogether this libleling is very effective and kept many mouths shut for a long time (certainly also that of those Intelectuals), but slowly loosing it's power. I assume this is a psychological strategy to avoid this libleling, which is so hurting especially for people, which are motivated by humanistic values and social ambition and maybe also an expression of bad consciousness of coming out so late with what is truley an expression of moral clarity. But please do not do the same mistake, and lible those, which didn't keep their mouth shut, already a long time before. That still means still swallowing the bait of the Occupation rethorics, the bullying agenda. However - better late than never!

    from the article: Strenger than Fiction / Jewish liberals from all nations, unite
    First published 15:50 03.05.10 | Last updated 15:50 03.05.10
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