Eporue: The Temple Mount Is One Of Ancient History's Known Authentic Sites, Only In The Mind Of The Islamist Revisionists Does This Not "Ring True" - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Lavi - Seattle
    • 26.01.11 | 15:33 (IST)

    That is until you debate them as I've done right atop the Temple Mount and in King David's City. They approached me like a foreign visitor and in broad daylight and began to give me their proud spiel about being a Palestinian with full rights to the area and disassociated any Jewish connection to the city without even blinking an eye. At first I thought the poor guys were just brought up like this and don't know any better and I gave them the benefit of that doubt when discussing the subject with them. But it became very evident as I debated the subject matter further with them that they actually knew a lot of the approximate dates and peoples in the land through history and the details of the Temple Mount's construction and within 20 minutes they were boxed into a corner with their "arguments" and had to admit on their own that it was the Jews who first built up the Temple Mount that we stood on. That was my first taste of Arab/Islamist taqiyyeh being practiced on me and that bitter sensation remains in my mouth to this date as they took me to be a fool for their contrived lies. The City of David directly in the Silwan area and directly south of the Temple Mount atop Mt. Moriah preceded the building of this plaza area and the site was purchased by King David from Araunah the Jebusite as the bedrock protruding at the top of the Mount was his threshing floor. Later Solomon's Temple was built there around 1000 BCE and later destroyed by the invading Babylonians around 586 BCE, the site was left in ruins until the impoverished Jews returned around 70 years later under the Persian decree (as the Medo-Persian Empire had defeated the Babylonians) and they rebuilt the area with The Temple of Zerubabbel (a very modest structure in comparison to that of Solomon when ancient Israel was in its glory). This is the Temple that King Herod (an Idumean convert) built up into a magnificent edifice shortly before the turn of the millennium and which was later destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE. The Jews had tried to rebuild the Temple at some point but that attempt did not succeed. A Roman Temple to Jupiter was later built on the site but was torn down at some point with the degradation of Rome to the Byzantine Empire and the site lay in ruins till the conquering Arab-Islamic armies were sweeping the land after the death of Mohamed and arrived in the area to defeat the ruling Byzantines. They then inquired as to where the ancient Jewish Temples had stood and when told they proceeded to eventually restore the area and built their Dome of the Rock (for more personal worship) around 692 CE and later crowned the site with the Al Aksa mosque which can contain around 3000 people. Later, at the turn of that millennium this area fell to the Crusaders who converted the Islamic centers to churches and these in turn were later turned back into mosques when the Crusaders were defeated for good. These Islamic edifices remain to this day but the area is strewn with earlier Jewish artifacts and many archaeological fragments from the earlier Temple times have been recovered and some with inscriptions in early Hebrew script. Truly as the Hebrew scriptures reveal, Jerusalem is a City built upon its own heap, but it is a City of world renown and has a great significance in future history too.

    from the article: New Jerusalem tunnel will damage Temple Mount, Palestinians say
    First published 03:39 26.01.11 | Last updated 03:39 26.01.11
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