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Court drops case against Mubarak in protesters' deaths

The ousted president was also cleared of graft charges involving a gas deal with Israel.

Right-wing activists at Temple Mount.
The Temple Mount and the end of Zionism

Zionism is one of the success stories of the 20th century, but it has not properly addressed its religious core – 
specifically the Temple Mount, which can no longer be ignored.

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Fearing elections, Netanyahu returns to the hard right

In periods of distress, the PM always returns to his 'base.' He's looking for a flag to hoist in the next election, and there can be only one: Me and them – I’m here, they're there.

Sayed Kashua presents: A Palestinian Thanksgiving

In the new narrative, there would be a 'Shukran Feast' and the natives would hand over the land of Palestine with love, and teach the new immigrants what hummus is.