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    • Abbushuki
    • 01.04.12 | 21:13 (IDT)

    1. The real arab population figures are a fraction of the PA's manufactured numbers. 2. Those who desire Israeli citizenship will have to undergo naturalization similar to that of the U.S.: pass exams in real history and pledge allegiance to the Israeli flag. How many Muslims are willing to accept the current control of Jews? I'd bet that few would. They are too emotional about only Mohammad ruling the world. Remember, their main issue against Israel is that they hate Western logic and thinking. 3. There is substantial legal argument that Israel is not an occupier: After waiting 2000 years, it finally recovered its national homeland from occupying Jordan, which siezed it when the British occupiers left, who took it from the Ottoman occupiers, who siezed it from the Mamaluke occupiers, who siezed it from the Persian Occupiers, who siezed it from the Islamic occupiers, who siezed it from the Crusader Occupiers, who siezed it from occupiers since the Romans, who siezed it from the Original Israel. Israel is the only indiginous people to ever rule the land and the Jewish People have the right of self-realzation to recover its very own national homeland and finally rid the land of its last and final foreign occupiers. The current Arabs are the left-over squatters on the land from which Hebrew and Aramaic languages and the literature of the Jewish People, the Bible and Talmud were written. 4. The history and literature of 'Palestinian Arabs' is as voluminous as the histories of the donkeys they ride. There basically is none. 5. So get this: Today's Israel is the renaissance of the only indiginous nation which ruled that land for over 1400 years... It is not an occupation but a rehabilitation of the long-lost homeland of the Jewish People. HAD THE ARABS NOT RESISTED, THEY WOULD HAVE EVERY RIGHT OF ISRAELI ARABS, WHICH ARE THE SAME AS FOR JEWS. But xenophobic, racist, homophobic, male-dominating Arabs do not have tolerance for others, and that was and remains their perpetual downfall.

    from the article: UN probe must take West Bank out of Israeli hands
    First published 22:32 31.03.12 | Last updated 22:32 31.03.12
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IDF Deputy Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Yair Golan speaks at a Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony.
IDF deputy chief likens 'revolting trends' in Israeli society to pre-Holocaust Germany

'On Holocaust Remembrance Day, we ought to discuss our ability to uproot the seeds of intolerance, violence, self-destruction and moral deterioration,' says Maj. Gen. Yair Golan.

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Holocaust survivors walk through the main gate of Auschwitz, the former Nazi death camp
Israel won’t give monthly stipends to Holocaust survivors who arrived after 1953

Survivors of Nazi persecution who immigrated before 1953 are eligible for a monthly stipend from the state, ranging from 2,200 shekels to 9,000 shekels, as well as other benefits.

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The Israel Defense Forces looking for new tunnels at Nahal Oz, near the border with the Gaza Strip
Hamas says Egypt has restored calm after Israeli airstrikes in Gaza

Musa Abu Marzouk says Cairo responded swiftly to a Hamas request to restore calm at the border, after a night of Israeli air strikes responding to shooting attacks at Israeli soldiers.

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Ephraim Apter was smuggled out of the Warsaw Ghetto as a baby.
A tale of Holocaust survival, courtesy of a Polish family

Ephraim Apter, who later fought in a number of Israel's wars and became a rich businessman, doesn't know if he could have done what the Bonczaks did.

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