Dutch #91 - What about your appalling hypocrisy? - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Ilya Feoktistov
    • 21.11.05 | 21:37 (IST)

    Dutch, I have to be honest, sir - I can?t understand how a person can be so consumed with hatred that he becomes blind to the obvious, crippled by a tunnel vision which is focused only upon the objects of his hate. You castigate Israel for its ?appalling record,? insisting that its ?murder? of 3000 Palestinians over 5 years is the worst crime in the history of mankind. Have you become so blinded by your own propaganda that you somehow cannot reflect upon your argument and see that it can be crushed by the most cursory dissection? Primarily, your figures indicating that 1700 of the 3000 Palestinians killed are civilians are plainly false. Even B?Tselem cites that 70% of total Palestinian casualties were combatants. By contrast, 83% of Israeli casualties are civilian. Yet even if you go as far as accusing the IDF of total indifference to Palestinian civilian lives, this is very different from the concerted efforts of the Palestinian terrorists to take as many Israeli civilian lives as possible. Is that appalling to you? Do you care about murdered Israelis? Are you willing to condemn the appalling record of the Palestinians? In 10 days in 1970, Jordan killed 2000 Palestinians (and Palestinians killed 3000 Jordanians). Do you think that is an appalling record? Over a year?s span in 2003, 300,000 black Sudanese were murdered by the Arab Janjaweed, almost all civilian. Does this appall you? Are you constantly writing to Sudanese forums complaining about these atrocities? How about Holland?s own colonial record, with thousands upon thousands killed in Indonesia? After all, it was your nation that invented Apartheid in South Africa. How many more horrible conflicts around the world are you ignoring while spending your time stewing in your own bile as you seethe with hatred against Israel? Herein lies the point, Dutch. You claim to be an enlightened fighter for freedom and peace, to feel sorry for victims of war and violence. This facade cannot conceal from all but the most banal or brainwashed of observers the fact that your fight is not for peace but against the Jewish state, and your impetus is not the love of freedom but the hatred of Jews. How else can you justify the dehumanization, deligitimization, and double-standards in your condemnation of Israel, the moral bankruptcy in your justification of Palestinian terror, and the hypocrisy in your lack of concern for any world conflict and injustice that doesn?t involve the Jews?

    from the article: A still-stained UN
    First published 00:00 21.11.05 | Last updated 00:00 21.11.05
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