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    • Samsoul
    • 28.12.11 | 16:12 (IST)

    Listen. I am not israeli. Your leaders are not my leaders and i'm not afraid at all. I consider myself as palestinian, so does my family and 10 million other palestinians on earth. I think Jerusalem should also be the capital of a future palesitinian state. Occupation is for me the key obstacle. As long as occupation lasts, there will be no peace or at least peace will not be achieved by prolonging occupation and growing settlements all over the place. Security is important, i admit. But security for the palesitinians is even more important as they don't even have weapons, nor tanks, nor an army to defend its territory. Israel's policy consist in gaining time in order to build more and more and grab more and more. Israelis should denounce that instead of lecturing the whole world and especailly the palestinians. They have no clue what's going on 30km away from Tel Aviv. As long as their daily existence is not troubled, they do not give a damn about the palestinians and their claim. They have issues with cheese, wages and the cost of life, hundreds of thousands go down in the streets to demonstrate but when it comes to palestinians and occupation, they are only a hundred considered as treators to the nation. Your problem is that occupation and nothing but that occupation and there are people in Israel and the US who take advantage of that situation living their dream of a Greater Israel. Hamas is not the problem. Hamas did not exist 20 years ago and still Israel had issues with occupation and palestinians demonstrating in the streets. Now that some silly leaders in Israel decided to sacralize this conflict, they found people at the other end who are ready to fight, no matter what. Even Abbas is considered as a danger for Israel. Do you think Lieberman and Abbas are equal ? one is an extremist who's the foreign minister of israel and the other one a terrorist ??? Israel needs some serious moral examination before it's too late. That's my advise. Many israelis have understood that but are they a majority ? doubtfull. Israel has the keys for peace, not the palestinians who are ready to establish a State on only 22% of the territory. That's a major move considering the fact that they used to live on ALL the land. My family lost the house in Katamon. Do you know that area of Jerusalem ? now the place is emptied of arabs....something to think about.

    from the article: IDF chief: Gaza war against Hamas was an 'excellent' operation
    First published 01:50 28.12.11 | Last updated 01:50 28.12.11
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