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    • RB
    • 07.04.07 | 21:38 (IDT)

    Let me tell you how it REALLY is. My part of America ( The Great Plains) could care less what the rest of the world thinks of us. We live in a bountiful land with beauty, conservative values and all the treasures that god has bestowed on us. We live in large homes, drive SUV?s and pickup trucks, eat the best food and work hard to provide this life for OUR families. Americans produce more goods and services than anybody on the planet. All we care about is providing the best for our children, weekends on the golf course, coaching our kids basketball team, cooking ribs and steaks on the BBQ with family and friends and enjoying the life that WE work for. Yes, we work harder than you. That is why we?re the most powerful nation in the world, economically AND militarily. Unlike our the rest of you, ( including our own cowards and traitors that mostly live in the multicultural cesspools of the large cities of the Northeast and far West) we will fight for our way of life. The hatred of our president and our country that spews from these pages just confirms to us that we?re exactly right. You don?t live like us; you can?t even imagine the life we have. WE ARE BETTER THAN YOU!! Your jealousy and hate for what we stand for is your own fault and it makes us giggle. I?ve been to Europe?.. What a dump!!!! You people have disavowed your history, culture and your spirituality to appease the Muslim scum you so welcomly embrace. They?ve taken over your cities and created their own slums. Your socialist welfare mentality has destroyed the greatness you once had and what I (as a white American) use to be proud of. Most Americans ( not the sissies and cowards ) in this part of the land will never allow the filth into OUR culture. STAY OUT!!! We have no use or need for you to like us. I will tell you this, if attacked again, there will be hell to pay. OUR people will demand retribution? And we have the means to exact that retribution. You have NO IDEA the contempt we feel for your betrayal of western culture. You won?t see US in the middle of the street (Americans with employment) on a productive weekday protesting and chanting some meaningless rubbish. WE HAVE JOBS!!! FAMILIES TO SUPPORT!!! A LIVING TO MAKE!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA, GOD BLESS GEORGE BUSH!!! RB.

    from the article: Iran challenges Bush
    First published 00:00 05.04.07 | Last updated 00:00 05.04.07
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