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    • superjew
    • 21.03.10 | 19:41 (IST)

    This morning, the doha debates were on....there was a panel of 4.....2 on the hamas side, and 2 on the PA side... The only discussion taking place, is how best to get rid of ALL of israel...this is not about gaza and WB, it is about israel INSIDE the green line...israel rightly knows what they are facing...the people here on haarets and elsewhere around the world who THINK this code word "occupation" is about gaza and west bank are either delusional, ill informed, ignorant or anti semitic. It IS that simple. All of you who deny this with this excuse or that excuse simply are avoiding the truth, as time and time again is laid bare from the mouths of the PA, HAMAS, the lebanese, the syrians, the iranians, the saudis etc... What a disgrace the arabs are and by defacto, Obama. Obama KNOWS that the arabs at large are not talking about WB and Gaza, nor about golan or shaaba farms...HE KNOWS and yet he won't come out and say to the arabs, until you accept Israel even INSIDE the green line, we will not engage in a false peace process, and not only that, but we will strengthen israel and strengthen her security. Nabil shaath and abdullah abdullah are on the PA side of this farce called a debate in doha..and BOTH of them are for taking down all of israel. This is the so called moderate side of the palestinians....what they want is perfectly crystal clear. It is a complete joke...if you ask me, israel is being pushed into a false peace, KNOWING that this is a trojan horse. Obama is a real disgrace. He is very consciously using the rise of global anti semitism to push forward with geopolitical realignment and appeasement of the oil rich arabs. I dont call that leadership, I dont call it honest, I dont call it fair, what I do call it is dangerous. Who is the president who will knowingly sacrifice one of his best friends for oil....??? is this what america now stands for? lying? racism? It is PLAIN TO SEE....obama is clearly a weak preisdent who in fact, is more indebted to saudi arabia and their oil that bush ever was...and yet out of the other side of his mouth he says he wants energy independance! I mean, come on, has no one figured out this man? It is just disgusting. He can go to copenhagen to pitch for the olympics but he has no time to go to his best friend israel where the need to address real global peace is so vital...he is supposed to be all about unifying and healing, yet he cant go to israel to speak about the falsehood of anti semitism? he sends a clown like biden but doesn't go himself? that tells you much ......israelis have bled and died to PROTECT universally held values of freedom and tolerance, supposedly american values but obama can't now support these universal values? If the arabs want peace, it's about recognizing israel for now and forever, as a JEWISH HOMELAND, SOVEREIGN, LEGITIMATE. All this other fluff is bullshyte. The whole notion of occupation is a canard...if you ask me, israel should say to obama, Mr. President, unless you come out and speak the truth, we are not interested in one more day of these farcical negotiations. This is not about 1967, it is only about 1948.

    from the article: Israel's U.S. envoy: 'No one can force us to make peace'
    First published 16:57 20.03.10 | Last updated 02:51 21.03.10
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