Diaspora Jews beware-Stay away from the Bigots... - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Henk Veentjer (HenkVeentjer@t-online.de
    • 01.07.10 | 20:33 (IDT)

    Miriam Haviv's article contained a suggestion that did not exactly agree with me. As one of the 1.5 million Dutch voters that supported Mr Wilders'PVV party I strongly reject ANY suggestion of having alterior motives for supporting the very existence of Israel as an independent state. Mr Wilders has lived in Israel for some time and ever since his love for your country has been sincere and unquestionable. The reason is simple : Your roots as a nation lie there, where you are right now and moreover: you represent democracy in a world that is dominated by islam and consequently cannot have as much freedom as we are having in the west. For the true believers of the Qu'ran the highest authority has to be of a religious nature, inspired by Allah Himself.: true muslims prefer theocracy over democracy! Therefore a perfect symbiosis between a muslim way of life and a free western man made way of life will hardly be very feasable. The larger the number of muslims in a state the higher the chance of clashes between ""The West and Islam! You of all people should know that! Just suppose that INSIDE your borders there would be as many muslims as there would be jews: your state would cease to exist.! And you are lecturing us on possibly having alterior motives for supporting you?? We in Holland want to keep what we have: our way of life, our freedom, our consitution, our laws. Is that wrong?? There are jews in Holland that support Wilders.There are also Jews that oppose Wilders. There will always be fools, I think. We may disagree on which side of the line the fools are to be found.. Let me tell you this much. Mr Job Cohen, the present leader of the Dutch socialist party , the Party van de Arbeid, was Mayor of Amsterdam for quite some time.and under his administration the muslims gained more and more power and favours. Some of the jews were expelled from their quarters by muslims who increasingly behave in a very aggressive way towards the jews. Some of the jews that I refer to fled to Israel... We think that right now history may well be repeating itself and in a way we feel like Churchill, trying to wake people up. Have you seen the billboards in London that muslim extremists are carrying with them : "God bless Hitler", "' You haven't seen the real holocaust yet''? Nice reading, isn't it? Ever so comforting, those very examples of such a peaceful religion . And we, voters of the PVV were utterly angered by the very sight of those billboards. And you, Mrs Haviv do you still sick to your suspicion? If you do,thank you, ever so much. Well, Mr Cohen, a jew, Mayor of Amsterdam did nothing for jews that fled the city they had lived in for a long time.. We will support Israel wherever we can, inspite of your opinions PS: Have you ever read articles that were writtren by Mrs Wafa Sultan, who warns against the dangers of islam?

    from the article: Diaspora Jews beware: Stay away from bigots, no matter how friendly they seem
    First published 16:38 29.06.10 | Last updated 16:38 29.06.10
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