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    • ibsen
    • 15.12.09 | 19:09 (IST)

    Has Morris, Wasserstein, Schindler or Gorenberg found any evidence in the US archives to support the existence of an offer or the proof that an offer was transmitted? If so what is it. Simply stating "Lammfromm, 576 and Gazit, Peta`im, 143-44" is not very revealing or useful. Re Shlaim. As for my unwillingness to discuss Shlaims account. I read his book over two years ago but do not have the book to refer to. Please go ahead and make your case against his evidence if you wish. Yet I have repeatedly posted on US archival material which clearly indicates that the offer was either not conveyed or not even intended to be conveyed, yet you offered no explanation for this. Were the Americans asked to convey what were merely `preliminary thoughts` to Syria and Egypt. If they had been asked and had they conveyed such an offer, there would have been a memorandum of some sort about it, plus information on the reaction of these two Arab countries. There is nothing at all in the US archives or the Israeli archives, to my knowledge. This is supported by the following statement by the then US Sec of State Dean Rusk in his memoirs entitled `As I Saw It`. "Then following the Six Day War, Israel decided to keep the Golan heights, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and the Sinai, despite the fact that Israeli Prime Minister Levi Eshkol on the first day of the war went on Israeli radio and said that Israel had no territorial ambitions. Later in the summer I reminded Abba Eban of this, and he simply shrugged his shoulders and said, "We`ve changed our minds". With that remark, a contentious and even bitter point with the Americans, he turned the United States into a twenty-year liar." Was Rusk lying? There is concrete evidence that the June 19th decision was conveyed to the US merely as `preliminary thoughts`. Telegram From the Mission to the United Nations to the Department of State/1/ New York, June 22, 1967, 0455Z. /1/Source: National Archives and Records Administration: [Secretary and Ambassador Goldberg received Israeli FonMin Eban along with Rafael and Harman 7:15 p.m. June 21. Hour`s conversation revolved around two main topics: (A) Situation in Near East and Israeli view re settlement and (B) present parliamentary situation in UNGA. This telegram covers topic (A)./2/ Eban stated Israeli inter-ministerial committee had come to some TENTATIVE CONCLUSIONS which he would like to discuss with Secretary BUT NOT OTHERS(my emphasis).] It all comes down to the insistence of Eban versus evidence to the contrary and the absence of any solid supporting evidence for Eban`s contention. That the reality of the said offer to Syria and Egypt is in considerable doubt and dispute, even amongst historians should be plain to all but the most prejudiced. What little evidence does exist(archival) flatly contradicts your claim and the claims of your preferred historians.

    from the article: Netanyahu should admit Israel doesn't want peace
    First published 01:13 13.12.09 | Last updated 17:14 16.12.09
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