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    • 27.04.05 | 07:14 (IDT)

    Sharon is a visionary. Think about it - all these years he led self defense operations against Arab murderers and now he's shaking hands with them? All these years he championed establishing communities in Judea, Samaria, Gaza, and have solid control over all of Jerusalem, and now he's implementing a withdrawal from some of these areas? He definitely wants peace. He exasperates the Arabs because he's not giving them anything THEIR way - through terrorism. The Arabs are apparently too stupid to understand that they'll never get anything through violence. Whatever land we returned was through diplomacy, not terrorism. Whether the agreement was with Egypt, Jordan, or even the PLO. All sides definitely need an end to this conflict. It's just that it must never come at the expense of our destruction. Sharon and the Likud understand this well. The political left doesn't. merlot: You must be one of the first people who claims to have talked to oriental Jews who actually regretted not staying in their homes in Arab states. I have many friends from Arab origins and all of them said Jews were treated miserably by the Arabs. One of the very few exceptions one can make is during the Shah dynasty. During his reign Jews in Iran were actually treated equally and with respect. The reality is Jews were vehemently discriminated against by Arab leaders. The Grand mufti of Jerusalem, for example, was a close confidant and strong ally of Hitler and so were many Arab leaders. Believe me, Jews from Arab states didn't run away from their homes because they had nothing better to do than leave their livelihood behind and move to Israel. They had no choice. And to this day, the Arabs don't want the Jews. Saudi Arabia even has a clause in its so-called constitution prohibiting Jews, not Israelis, Jews from entering the country. The only remaining Jews in Arab states are very small communities who are often subjected to discrimination. The way I see it, we Arabs and Jews need to reach an agreement and compensate each other. Israel will compensate some of the Arabs it kicked out while the Arab world will pay compensation to the 800,000 Jews it kicked out. Or how about we just write off the compensation to one another and you Arabs can sort out the so-called "refugee" problem you created.

    from the article: Sharon's vision
    First published 00:00 26.04.05 | Last updated 00:00 26.04.05
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