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    • Ashraf
    • 23.04.12 | 11:00 (IDT)

    why is it this way again? " why is it that its what israel wants or its war" you know well this doesn't work egyptians, the language of power doesn't do good in such cases. Egypt was losing tens of millions per day because of this corrupt agreement and everyone knows the means this agreement was done through,that even egyptians courts ordered this agreement be cancelled in 2010,but because the corrupt figures who signed this agreement in the first place where in charge of the country they have ignored this court order ,EMG is at the end an egyptian company that has foreign partners,EMG wasn't paying its dues for some reason,The egyptian gas company denied the commercial agreement and cancelled it because this egyptian company EMG didn't fulfill its part of the agreement by paying their dues at least! if we believe in justice,like we should and one side is not comfortable just go on and knock on courts doors,its EMG who was responsible for the exportation of the gas,so its EMG who is in agreement with the israeli energy companies not egypt! we as egyptians are clearly not going to break our laws and give you our goods for the sake of your blueish eyes at lowerthan international rates :) what are we getting in return! humilliation to our beloved palestinians! occupation, lies and truth twisting! crimes and seige over gaza,lebanese territories occupation, syrian golan heights! exporting gas and and other forms of trade should be ways of good will between nations,but what are we getting from you again! i have some israely lefty friends who i do respect on a personal level!and they are fully aware of what the israely current regimedoes! they are as much as corrupt as mubarak's regime ,what dif they offer to the world except greed,terror,wars and dead people!! I believe the israely people should pull their goverment down,you have to decide as people how you want to deal with Egyptian ! peace is the only way out of this, and peace accordhing to terms than will acheive justice ,for only was is just may last, decide that and make it happen before its too late if not too late already,the only two figures that have been changed along years in my opinion as an Egyptian citizen, are the increased total death count of palestinians and the size of the land occupied,forcing more and more arabs out of jerusalem, the disintegration of sustainable means of live to palestinians to force them to leave their lands and houses in the 1967 occupied territories.

    from the article: Termination of Israeli-Egyptian natural gas agreement serves dangerous precedent
    First published 03:45 23.04.12 | Last updated 03:45 23.04.12
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