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    • Rambo
    • 07.11.11 | 17:48 (IST)

    The author has nailed it. The public knows 1% of the reality of what is involved in attacking and succeeding with an attack on Iran. The risk of countless pilots, aircraft and any other military materiel aside, the outcome is what is of greatest concern. Israel is a tiny country flanked by enemies with huge amounts of weaponry. These enemies pose the most immediate danger to Israel as opposed to the thinking that Iran will launch a nuke against Israel. That is of great concern however even in the mind of insane radical Ayatollahs there is some prevailing logic. They would not risk their entire country and population by launching a nuke against Israel. Yes Israel might be "wiped off the map" but so too would Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and the fallout would send those survivors back to the stone age. Thats not even considering the retaliatory strike by Israel's nuclear cruise missile equipped submarines. Iran is dangerous, no doubt. Unfortunately there are no allies that will "protect" Israel. When the missiles from Syria, Lebanon and Gaza start firing the Israeli airforce will have no choice but to obliterate those countries causing tremendous collateral damage that would be unavoidable. An attack on Iran would polarize the Arab masses into a Jihad against Israel and anyone else that helped them. Who can even know what sleeper cells or other threats are positioned in Western countries. The Europeans would never be able to handle the massive Muslim outcry, protests and certain violence that would accompany an Israeli attack. Therefore the only way that the end justifies the means would be for Israel to hold back, pre-emptively strike Syria, Hizballah and Hamas and allow the Americans and a coalition of nations to hit Iran. This could not be carried out with a countdown like at Times Square on New Years eve but in the utmost secrecy. One can be certain that during this phase of sabre rattling, posturing and military drills that nothing is going to happen. Its only when the headlines subside and all seems calm that a strike will happen. One thing is for certain, Barack Hussein Obama will not be the American president that pushes to red button for an all out attack on Iran unless he builds a strong coalition in secret.

    from the article: Here's how to decide whether to support an attack on Iran
    First published 05:04 07.11.11 | Last updated 05:04 07.11.11
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