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    • Richard
    • 10.08.13 | 00:11 (IDT)

    I live here too and you either do not or you are totally blind. Spending just 5 minutes on the B'Tselem web site clearly convince any person with an objective view that Israel is not democratic, not mentioning the fact that it is a state for 'Jews' only, although you try and sell it as democratic when the first part of the 'Jewish, but democratic' slogan is obviously racist and violent, creating division between people and will always work against peace in this region. The simple fact of identifying with being a Jew, Muslim, Christian etc. is a step towards violence and hate. If you can understand this then you are well on your way towards peace, as you will reject any form of identification with primitive elements that has created so much suffering in this world and region. Any entity that tries to sell itself as democratic, first has to discard the shackles of culture, religion and childish clinging to identity, otherwise suffering will follow it like a shadow, always reminding it of it's failure to evolve into a higher form that does not need the crutches of culture, religion, identity etc. Roger Waters have all my respect, as he has made a clear point of the 'Israeli Government' being evil in it's policies and the only way he could do that was placing the 'Star' on the 'Pig'. Your only problem with that is that you identify so much with that star, which shows me that you have not yet managed to free yourself from primitive and man made phenomena such as symbols. The star had it's rightful place on the pig between the other symbols of 'Corporations' which causes destruction on a global level and has no interest in 'Human Rights', which the Israeli government clearly displays. The star is not you, your friends or family, it's a symbol of corporation, occupation, religion, primitive culture, propaganda and brainwashing. You do not have to identify with it or any other symbol which tries to convert you into 'one' system of thinking or identifying with only one group of people. You are part of the human race, discard your shackles and break down the wall.....

    from the article: An open letter to Roger Waters: Why Israel is not an apartheid state
    First published 13:00 09.08.13 | Last updated 13:00 09.08.13
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