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    • Michael Davison
    • 07.07.11 | 10:25 (IDT)

    As a child of parents who took me to Dr. King’s “People’s March on Washington” in August, 1963 and heard Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech with my own ears, I have to differ with your opinions here. Nowhere did the American Civil Rights movement threaten the destruction or replacement of the federal government; nowhere did the protesters consider themselves anything by patriotic American citizens, wanting only the best future for their country, their children and themselves. Compare this to the Palestinian Arabs who are not Israeli citizens, have no intention of ever becoming Israeli citizens and have a government and a constitution dedicated to replacing Israel with their own state (Article 2 of the Palestinian National Charter clearly states: “Palestine, with the boundaries it had during the British Mandate, is an indivisible territorial unit”). Any comparison between a single population, however divided among itself it may be, and two completely separate populations with different national aspirations, cultures, norms, laws and outlook on life is necessarily suspect. I also disagree with your headline—I do not “hate” those who feel empathy for the Palestinians, I just feel sorry for people who think that appeasement if the way to achieve peace. One would think that Neville Chamberlain proved appeasement futile. For 18 years we have been watching sums of “relief” money in historically unprecedented amounts flood into the PA failing to bring progress and self-sufficiency, round after round of “negotiations” leading to nowhere with the US, EU and the UN telling Israel to “make painful concessions” while the Palestinians have not only not budged from their initial demands, but have not even fulfilled the commitments agreed to on their part in the original Oslo Accords. Granted, Israel has been far less than perfect as well, but when every Israeli concession is met with Palestinian belligerency and/or more demands, we, as a nation, should learn the lesson that the Palestinians are unwittingly teaching us—that they have no intention of living in peace alongside of Israel. It’s hard to respect those who willfully refuse to accept the evidence in front of their eyes.

    from the article: Empathy toward the Palestinian side invokes hatred and distrust
    First published 03:16 07.07.11 | Last updated 03:16 07.07.11
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