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    • Hubal
    • 22.11.07 | 01:29 (IST)

    ...answering your posts. Are you serious? Your whole argument that Arabs are not systematically discriminated against in Israel (despite my citation of one high level ISRAELI report)appears thus: "The fact that Arabs have more political freedoms in Israel than in Arab nations speaks volumes,AS YOU WELL KNOW. If the situation were reversed, and JEWS had more political freedom in ARAB nations than in ISRAEL we`d hear no END of it from the anti-Zionist chatterboxes on Talkback, AS YOU WELL KNOW." ..Daybreak.. Hmm. "As I well know", indeed! A circular argument, I believe. "I said in my first response to your post that I`d do what you did and use only a quote, with no further argument".. Daybreak. Heavens! I did not reply to you or anyone else in my first post it was simply commentary which I felt was succinct and justified. You chose to respond to my post. I did not need to provide evidence to support the contention without being asked. You questioned the notion of discrimination against Arabs in Israel and I provided justification for the contention by referring to the Orr report. This is the nonsense you came back with in #56: "If ARABS have more freedoms in Israel than in the ARAB world that is the most significant fact". Daybreak…. NO Daybreak that is not very significant unless Israel seeks to emulate or simply improve on the despotic regimes around them RATHER than seek closer union with Europe as THEY claim to want!!! You ask for evidence that Arabs are treated as equal citizens in Europe yet are refusing(or can not) give me any evidence to support your OR B.Morris' contention that "Israel gives more freedoms to Arabs than many Europeans give to their internal oppositions" I don't care that you use a quote without evidence to back it up but asked you to provide some evidence or at least tell me what Morris is referring to as YOU had asked me to comment on Benny Morris claims. I do not know what Benny Morris' is referring to or how he arrived at his statement. As you had looked it up on Google, ( I imagine) I thought it fair to ask for some explanation before I commented. "You haven`t contested the truth of anything Morris said, only tried to leave part of it out". Daybreak. How do you or I know it is true if we do not know why he said it or what he based his comments on? Either you only have this snippet from B.Morris off the net and you simply can not find the answer or you are blathering because you can not justify the ludicrous assertion that Arabs are not discriminated against in Israel, because they are treated better than they are in Arab nations!

    from the article: Peace is not child's play
    First published 00:00 21.11.07 | Last updated 00:00 21.11.07
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