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A rocket is launched from the northern Gaza Strip towards Israel.

Two rockets fired from Gaza at southern Israel

Rockets reportedly explode in open areas near Gaza border. No casualties reported.

syiran soldiers killed

'Syrian army in worst state since start of civil war'

In wake of deteriorating situation, IDF conducting exercises in north that include major air force attacks at short notice, top Israeli officer says.

Women workers - Yaron Kaminsky

Israelis’ long hours on the job don’t pay off

Israel has been reaping the fruits of high tech since 1991, but we have little to show for it in standard of living. The time has come for the next revolution – in labor productivity.

Beet, black lentil and tehina salad

15 exotic salads for your summer table

Salad is quick, easy to prepare and generally healthful. Haaretz's top food writers bring you 15 exotic salads.