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Saeb Erekat.

PLO rejects PM's bid to discuss settlement borders

PLO executive committee member Saeb Erekat says that the Palestinian stance on settlements is clear: That they are illegitimate and discuss about their borders is irrelevant.

Netanyahu and Elkin.

Netanyahu hands Jerusalem portfolio to Elkin

PM backtracks on election promise, infuriating Jerusalem mayor who hoped to take portfolio for himself.

Then-Prime Minister Ehud Olmert traveling to Berlin, February 11, 2008.

A breeding ground for crooked leaders like Olmert

The financial connection between shadowy Diaspora tycoons and senior Israeli politicians is nothing new. Jewish money corrupted the politics of the Jewish State decades ago.

Lewando in her successful vegetarian restaurant.

Veggie burgers in 1930s Vilna - a chef ahead of her time

Decades before vegetarianism became trendy, Fania Lewando cooked up a non-meat storm in her restaurant, attracting such diners as Marc Chagall. The Yiddish cookbook she wrote nearly vanished. Now it can be read in English.