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    • zionist forever
    • 05.06.11 | 10:11 (IDT)

    Maybe the military can pull something off against Iran maybe they can't thats a matter for the generals to decide bases on capabilities they know the country has and its chances of success ( not Dagan ) and then its for the government to decide. There was no justifiable reason for Dagan to go on the record and tell everybody he does not believe an attack on Iran wont work. As head of Mossad his job is to give his opinions to the government and then they make the final decision based on a wide range of opinions not just his. Now he is a civilian again he has no right to start telling everybody if he thinks we have the capability to pull it off or not. Its not something the public NEEDS to know and its not something the public SHOULD know because if the government chooses to attack or nor is not open to public debate, they will do what they think is the best choice and come election day we will either reward or punish them for it because thats the kind of decision they were given a mandate to make when we elected them. Nobody elected Meir Dagan, Gideon Levy. Dagan should also remember that then Iranians listen to his speeches as well and the only people who have benefitted from this little speech is the Iranians who are now boasting about how Israel would never dare attack. The public have not benefitted in the slightest from Dagan's speeches so why is it so important the public be told if the military can pull it off or not? Dagan reminds me of Peres in 1981 when Begin was planning to attack Saddam Hussains nuclear reactor. Peres was convinced it wouldn't work and how it would damage diplomatic relations with France ( who were building the reactor ). Peres told Begin that he was going to go public about the plan which of course would have made it impossible. So Begin had to move up the attack date to counter Peres and it worked. Today its for Bibi, Barak and their advisors to make these decisions not Meir Dagan. The problem here is not can an attack against Iran work but we have got to keep men like Dagan who love the sound of their own voice and who for years have been unable to express their opinion because they were still employed by the state. There must be a cooling off period between the head of Mossad or a top general retiring and him being allowed to express his views in public and even then what he says should be decided on what do the public need to know and how will it affect future government operations. He should not be allowed to retire on Sunday and start giving speeches on Monday.

    from the article: Israel should heed ex-Mossad head's Iran attack warning
    First published 01:34 05.06.11 | Last updated 01:34 05.06.11
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