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    • Tosefta
    • 25.03.07 | 17:57 (IST)

    "Why, I ask Tosefta, should refugees be "settled elsewhere" and not in the countries in which they presently reside: Labanon, Syria and Jordan, the very countries, in addition of Iraq and Eypt, that initiated Israel`s War of Independence" - Nadav There are a few issues in your posts. 1. Why should the refugees not settle were they are? I don't know if this is a legal question or a moral one. If legal, then in the same way that there is no "right of return" there is also no "obligation" for a country to settle refugees. If moral, I don't think Israel should insist on moral behavior on this issue. If Canada wants to admit refugees, this is fine by me. Let Allah deal with the immorality of this all. 2. All refugees residing in Jordan are Jordanian citizens and will remain in Jordan. All those residing in the PA will remain there too. The question is about other nations, holding perhaps a million refugees in total. Lebanon will not keep its refugees. They are largely Sunnis, and Lebanon has population balance problems. Everybody knows (including Abbas) that they will have to leave. I take it that each Arab country will look at its own situation, but there will be general pressure on them to give citizenship to the refugees within their territory. 3. The Arab countries created the refugee problem by causing the 1948 war. Nadav, you are talking propaganda and not facts. Our War of Independence started as a civil war, immediately following the 29 November UN Partition Resolution. The first incidents occurred on 1 December 1947. The Arab invasion took place on 15 May 1948 at the conclusion of the Mandate. Haifa, Zfat, Tveria, were all taken before the invasion. Gush Etzion also fell before the Arab invasion. It was a civil war between the Jewish and Arab residents, and the local Palestinians were aided by outsiders. 4. Why should Israel admit more refugees? A small number can be admitted easily, and can take care of a lot of hurt feelings. Israel is not entirely clean of responsibility. If Israel has 1.3 million Arabs, and admit 10,000 refugees, they will constitute 0.8 PERCENT of the total, pretty minimal. The notions of large and small only has meaning in comparison with some standard.

    from the article: Who's afraid of renewing the peace process?
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