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    • KYOT
    • 20.05.10 | 05:26 (IDT)

    Syria has in the past been a very strong ally to the US in middle eastern affairs. Four things were pivotal in Syria being pushed out of favor as a strategic US ally and into the arms of Iran, and finally being tarred as a member of the "axis of evil" 1. The kidnapping of CIA case officer William R. Higgins by Hezbolla, and his subsequent torture and murder. This marked the virtual cessation of active CIA involvement in that area for years, and resulted in the co-opting of intelligence duties on the ground, largely to Israel. 2. The Marine corps barracks in Lebanon. In this, it has come to light that the Israelis had credible and specific intel that an explosives laden truck assault was immenent, and they failed to pass this on to the US, whose presence was resented by the Israelis. 3. A successful campaign by the Israelis to paint Hamas as a terror group, while legitimizing the PA. This effectively removed Syria as a broker of influence, as their support was to Hamas. Vis a vis, this successfully painted Syria as a supporter of 2 terror groups, Hezbollah and Hamas. 4. Finally, with Rabin removed from the picture, Israel was able to delegitimize the PA by running a false flag op whereby large amounts of war material were supposedly to be floated ashore to gaza, supposedly arranged by one of Arafat's leutenants. This completely ludicrous false flag op (laughably implausable), was supposedly to be done, undetected so as to not scuttle the Oslo Accords?? lol. This gave the junior bush the cover to dump any support for the peace accords. Of course, this delighted Israel, as they have never been comfortable with direct contact between the US and any non Israeli controlled faction in the ME. In short, Israel wants to be the sole broker of C3, Intelligence and influence in the middle east. This gave rise to numerous false flag ops, such as WMD, Yellow Cake, and yes... the concept that no arabs, expecially the Syrians, could be trusted. That is a pretty far fall from their position of prominance in Desert Storm. They were considered on a par with the Pakis, less than a decade before baby bush "pushed" them into the "axis of evil". Ask yourself, who most benifits from this arrangement?? It sure ain't Syria, or Iran,for that matter!!

    from the article: Israel spurned Qatar's Gaza offer after Egypt protest
    First published 03:41 20.05.10 | Last updated 03:41 20.05.10
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