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    • anna (calif)
    • 13.09.05 | 03:04 (IDT)

    Connie - Mustapha's post had a lot of truth in it. Israel only gave up land in response to resistance or the prospect of unending violence or a demographic attack on its all-jewish character. In that they are no different than any other occupier has ever been. Remember Saadam's war on Kuwait? Iraq claimed it had legitimate claims of ownership of Kuwait. Israel claims legitimate ownership of the West Bank, using similar historic justification, just a lot more articulately. But it its ultimately rests on the ownership right of a victor in a war. So it is now, so it was in biblical times. The biblical stories of moses and Joshua were probably invented (using no doubt some basis in real characters) to justify conquest and settlement of a land by invading tribes. The god that people invoke is something they invent to justify the brutal horrors they committed as a way to live with their conscience, as in "god made me do it". Never the devil, of course. And by any yard stick, the atrocities perpetrated on native inhabitants of Canaan, if the biblical accounts are to be believed, were a war crime of the worst magnitude, though probably normal by the standards of the time. I never understood why that account is being taught to children as a good thing. Well, cults always do that - it's called brain washing, by any other name. The way it works is that as long as you come up with a good reason (like a religious dictate or a god-thing) then whatever you do or did is right. The same thing done by another is, always, wrong because they don't share your god. But going back to Mustapha, his logic is, I am afraid true. Gaza was the price Israel paid for the current Intifada, in which upward of 1,000. Israelis were lost (plese correct my numbers) and hundreds more wounded. You figure out what it would take for them to give up the West Band and East Jerusalem. Not a comforting thought, but unfortunately, a potential scenario. It is one that some of the kinder, gentler posters on this board are trying to prevent by fostering dialig and rational interchange. May be people should listen to them, even if they don't want to hear me (who is cozy in her godless/godfull existence).

    from the article: Addicted to the poison of occupation
    First published 00:00 12.09.05 | Last updated 00:00 12.09.05
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