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    • zionist forever
    • 18.08.11 | 10:56 (IDT)

    Zionism was never a swinish movement. The settlements program was one started by the left ( it didn't begin wit Bibi ). Our good president Peres who you praise was very involved from the start. They were about acting as a security barrier, as it became obvious there was no peace treaty between Israel and the arabs anytime soon it was decided to make use of this land and create affordable homes for Israel's. There is a small hardocore who mindlessly want to build for the sake of building but the settlement program is not swinish. Zionism itself is an evolving movement. to begin with it became just about creating a homeland in Turkish & later British mandate Palestine for Jewish refugees escaping the European pogroms, they didn't even care about the idea of statehood. just the right to move to Palestine. Then it later evolved into the idea of creating a binational state which the arabs ere against. Only in the mid 1920s and a major increase in violence between Jews & arabs did the zionists decide a binational state would no longer be considered an option and nothing short of a Jewish state would be considered acceptable. Since then its evolved further and now the idea is settling historic Jewish land and bringing over more Jews which is why the government spends a fortune every year on alliyah ( one of the countries biggest expenses ). Zionism will continue to evolve with each generation setting new goals. As for the idea that its so bad for a man to go from humble backgrounds to becoming a mulit millionare who wants to live a lavish lifestyle and gets paid very well for his work ( these tycoons are businessmen ) what is wrong with that? Being poor might not be a crime but its not something to aspire to and when you reach a certain point you say its immoral for me to want to earn more money. Are Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Donald Trump and all the other American billionares who make the Israeli rich look life they earn minimum wage also swinish because they are now some of the richest men in the entire world and they desire to keep getting richer? If Israel's elite super rich have done well for themselves then providing it was all legal they are men we should admire rather than despise because they represent individuals who started with nothing, worked hard and reached the very top. The only reason they are being called tycoons and looked down upon like pariahs right now is envy. You have the average Israeli who struggles to make ends meet and then you have Mr Tycoon he can spend more in a day than the average Israeli earns in a month. Give me a good reason why the rich should be ashamed of the idea that they are rich. The tone of this article sounds like the tycoons rather than being clever businessmen are nothing but an evil borgeois elite who get rich at other people's expense. Give the rich a break and let them enjoy their money, they earned their money so let them spend it anyway they see fit. The old days when there was socialism in this country and there was no rich because getting rich was physically impossible in this country and we just had poor and not as poor was not some kind of golden age. For all its problems its since Israel embraced capitalism its been enjoying its golden ago. Today Israeli's can buy nice things, companies want to invest in this country. The fact we have both super rich and poor is a sign of economic maturity ( even in the richest countries with social welfare programs you have bot rich & poor ). I am originally from the UK and there they spend on the free health service probably about a third of Israel's total annual spending capacity, they have all kinds of state benefits but guess what, England has both super rich and its got people who are super poor and in the UK even the poorest members of society don't take the attitude that the super rich are swines because they have all this money and they still strive to make more money. Gideon, are you a member of Israel's communist party because if your not I suggest you go sign up.

    from the article: Israel's swinish Zionism ought to be stopped
    First published 02:27 18.08.11 | Last updated 02:27 18.08.11
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