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PM rejects U.S. criticism of East J'lem settlements

'I have no intention of telling Jews they can't buy apartments,' PM responds to White House condemnation, 'this is private property.'

Bibi and Obama can still be Churchill and Roosevelt

There’s still a chance to form an American-Sunni-Israeli alliance to stand up against Tehran.

Hunger games: Remembrance of Yom Kippurs past

The Day of Atonement confronted me with the possibility of a terrifying fate. Was my name in the Book of Life?

A man prying at the Western Wall on Yom Kippur.
God of the left and of the right, forgive us

This year, more than ever, those of us who see Israel as a central part of our Jewish belief must extend our Yom Kippur prayers to recognize that our devotion can lead to extremism, whether from the left or the right.

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