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    • zionist forever
    • 24.05.13 | 15:30 (IDT)

    Whatever you think of the rights or wrongs of them class wars are human nature, Human nature is selfish and to aquire things for yourself not to try and be equal with others. There are 2 men sitting on a bench in the street same age and even look alike ,only difference is one man is very rich the other struggles to make ends meet. The rich man owns a penthouse in a luxury apartment block and when he sits on the balcony he has amazing sea views. The man sitting next to him on the bench rents a rundown building where the lighting in the hallway doesn't work, the walls are damp because the building hasn't been renovated in decades. and his views are of the worst parts of town. The rich man does not say I will go live in a rundown building in the worst part of town for the sake of equality he wants to have the good life and enjoy his money even if there are others who have less than him. We have this all over the world where the guy on the bottom of the ladder gets the worst treatment because there is nobody to help him and the people at the top who get best treatment partly because they are the ones who are considered to be most useful because they is influential as a result of their their wealth, contacts they made. You have always had class wars. Just look at the election campaigns even from the far left, they promised to make things better for the middle class. Not a single MK including the ones from Meretz talk about making things better for the lower classes ( the very bottom of the pile who have least who are also the ones who usually don't even bother voting ). The ONLY place in the whole world where the idea of a classless society ever existed and worked was in the kibbutzim but even then from the late 80s onwards it all went haywire when kibbutz members decided they wanted money they could spend in the outside world and not just live in their closed community where everything was provided. Today the kibbutzim have gone from being a place where you didn't even own the shirt on your own back and your children were property of the kibbutz to a place where the kibbutz is a business and its members not only get paid but they get paid according to the job they do ( a professional earns more than a laborer ) they are even allowed to buy their home on the kibbutz ( if they can afford it ) so the class war has even infiltrated the kibbutz which is the only place in the world where the classless society ever worked. its only natural the rich have more influence in society. Banks trust rich people and give them much more favorable loan conditions than the average person, they mingle with the right people who will help open doors for them so they can improve their position in society further whilst the little guy has no access to money because his job is not well paid, banks don't trust him to repay debts and his social circle are the ones in the same boat as him. Thats not political and the rich are not oppressive evil tycoons they have come to be seen as since the social protests they are the people who are LUCKY thats all, they worked hard and were lucky enough to reach the top somebody else worked hard and is on the bottom rung of the ladder. It might seem unfair but its not the rich oppressing the poor the way they have been made to look by the left.

    from the article: The trap of being apolitical
    First published 06:00 24.05.13 | Last updated 19:16 23.05.13
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