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    • 27.10.09 | 01:28 (IST)

    READ THE REPORT instead of websites aimed at defaming the author. Your post indicates that you have not read the report. "goldstone refused to accept that israel did much to prevent civilian casualties through warnings of impending attacks via leaflets, telephone calls, text messages and leaflets." CJK See, starting from page 155 of report AND see here: RICHARD GOLDSTONE: "In some cases, yes. we gave Israel FULL CREDIT for some of the leaflets that were dropped in the Rafah area, where they were specific. They said "During such-and-such a period, we're going to be bombing between X street and Y street, and A street and B street. Get out, for your own safety." And that saved a lot of innocent lives. But many hundreds of thousands of other leaflets were really unhelpful-" BILL MOYERS: Why? RICHARD GOLDSTONE: -dropped in many parts of Gaza, saying, warning, "We are going to be bombing. Get out of your homes." Didn't say when. Didn't say where. And also, it didn't, where could people go? It's such an overcrowded civilian area, one and a half million, in a tiny area, and with closed borders. There was little action families could take to react to that sort of warning. BILL MOYERS: I didn't know until I read your report that the Israelis had actually called, 100,000 calls to telephones in Gaza and said, in effect, "Get out," right? They were intending to target, and they were giving the occupants a chance to move. RICHARD GOLDSTONE: Well, first, move to where? And secondly, in consequence of the overwhelming majority of those warnings, there was no attack. So it was, it caused confusion and terror rather than saving lives. BILL MOYERS: But confusion and terror are part of war, right? RICHARD GOLDSTONE: Well no, there shouldn't be confusion and terror applied to a civilian population. If you're going to give warnings, they should be specific. As for Kemp. Was he ever in Gaza, I mean EVER, let alone during Cast Lead. That Goldstone an outstanding jurist with expertise on International law HAD TO pay special attention to any old officer of the UK army when drafting his report is risible. From whence does Kemp get his second hand information and data if not the IDF?! CJK, you are ridiculous as usual. As for why Kemps testimony was superfluous: Goldstone: "We chose those 36 [incidents]because they seemed to represent the most serious, the highest death toll, the highest injury toll. And they appear to represent situations where there was little or no military justification for what happened. We didnt want to investigate situations where we would be called upon to second-guess decisions made by Israeli Defense Force leaders or soldiers, in whats called the fog of battle. Its really unfair to do that, especially without hearing the other side. So we tried to concentrate on issues which seem to be less likely to be justifiable by applying those standards. " The 36 incidents chosen were chosen specifically to avoid such complications and complexities. Particularly as Israel had indicated it would not be assisting Goldstone in his report. READ THE REPORT.

    from the article: Investigating the IDF would be the real war crime
    First published 01:00 26.10.09 | Last updated 09:45 26.10.09
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