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    • Fabiano Toscini
    • 09.10.10 | 16:11 (IST)

    There is no doubt in my mind that Israel has got the right to exist, prosper and live happily, with dignity and in peace. There is no doubt in my mind that the Palestinians deserve the same. After all, both the Israelis and the Palestinians, and in fact all human beings are children of God. The fact is many fair minded people around the world are getting sick and tired of the circle of violence, the extreme positions and rhetoric and the lack of dignity in the endless Israel-Palestine saga. A small number of Palestinian and Israeli extremists and intransigent minorities are exacerbating this saga and becoming one major obstacle to a solution to the problem. Case in point: on one side there is a small group of Palestinians constantly harassing and terrorizing Israel, and on the other side there is a small group of settlers clinging to patches of land that the whole world says doesn't belong to them, and then there is the IDF which doesn't have a great reputation of treating kindly or respectfully the Palestinian people. Both the Palestinians and the Israelis may want to emphasize the reasons why they think they have to keep acting the way they always have, and use the same tactics they have become accustomed to. The reality is this has brought neither people any real peace. Both people continue to live in fear. It's about time both the Palestinians and the Israelis started to have genuine talks, not the meaningless talks they have been having for years. And it's about time both people made compromises, and showed flexibility and respect for one another. The Palestinians need to give up violence and respect the existence of Israel and its people, and Israel needs to start treating Palestinians with respect and dignity, and stop clinging to patches of land it doesn't own (we are in a world where International Law still counts). This has to be done simultaneously. It's not about one people standing on the fence and waiting for the other to make a move first. The current situation in the Israel-Palestine saga can't and won't go on forever. If each side continues to dig in and no one wants to compromise and all that's offered is useless and endless talks, it's hard to imagine that the Palestinians will eventually accept to live forever submissively in their now walled ghetto, with Israel continuing to call in the shots indefinitely on an artificially humiliated and impoverished people. The Israel talk of , "We didn't do it to them, they did it to themselves" will not fly forever. The likely scenario is Palestine may eventually circumvent Israel (and even the US if necessary) and declare unilateral independence that even Israel won't stop. Remember, Kosovo declared unilateral independence, many parts of the former Yugoslavia did it, many former Soviet Union republics did it, many former colonies and occupied nations around the world with less desperation than the Palestinians did it too. Sure, each case was different but the common denominator is it's impossible to stop a determined people from eventually achieving freedom and independence. The Israelis know this better than anyone else. Many nations around the world are more than willing to recognize an independent Palestine, even without the support of the US, which is basically the only "unflinching" tacit support for the occupation, European support for the occupation of Palestine being weak at best. It's in the interest of Israel to make real compromises and achieve real peace. It's also in the interest of Palestine to do the same. The end result will be real peace, prosperity and mutual respect for both Israelis and Palestinians. That's something worth making real compromises and changing attitudes for.

    from the article: Abbas may circumvent Israel, ask U.S. to recognize Palestinian state
    First published 10:24 09.10.10 | Last updated 10:24 09.10.10
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