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    • kurt wessel
    • 29.01.10 | 12:12 (IST)

    "actually, very few if any Germans were speaking out against the persecution and subsequent slaughter of the jewish people" Who would choose to sacrifice their own life and the lives of their families by speaking out? Not many but certainly not as you claim "very few if any". "indeed, there was no resistance movement against the nazis to speak of" Rubbish and an insult to the hundreds of thousands of Germans who were imprisoned or perished in the camps because of their opposition to the Nazis. Of course the Nazis were resisted and on the streets by the Communists, but they were brutally put down. The Communists were a minority but they were a significant one until their leaders went to the camps. The left parties and trade union activists were the first targets of the Nazis in 1933. Most Germans were not Nazis either and only a minority (albeit a large minority) had great enthusiasm for Hitler. Hitler long argued that the German people were indifferent to his military endeavors and his great vision for Germany and lamented that they had to be marshaled into action at rallies and so on. The Goldhagen thesis is long since discredited. Try reading Ian Kershaw the world renowned scholar of Hitler and Nazism on these matters. You are sorely misinformed and should think hard before tapping out such falsehoods. Your post is an insult to the memory of the hundreds of thousands of German citizens who perished or suffered for their political opposition or views. What resistance? According to a Gestapo summary 162,734 people were being held in 'protective custody' for political reasons in April 1939; a further 225,000 had been sentenced to prison terms of just under three years. Between 1933 and 1945 more than 3 million Germans had been in concentration camps or prison for political reasons; tens of thousands were executed or died from mistreatment. G Almond, 'The German Resistance Movement', Current History 10 (1946), pp409-527. This was what could happen if you opposed the regime on central issues. But it also shows the opposition to Nazi politics. Goebbel's paper, Der Angriff, summed up the regime's terror against its anti-racist opponents: 'Criticism is permitted only to those who are not afraid of getting into a concentration camp' D Leuner, When Compassion was a Crime (London, 1966), p31.

    from the article: Holocaust remembrance is a boon for Israeli propaganda
    First published 01:25 28.01.10 | Last updated 11:04 28.01.10
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