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    • zionist forever
    • 23.05.13 | 15:45 (IDT)

    Americas problem is they spent the post WW2 years preparing for war in Europe against the Soviet Union and their first outing in the Middle East was 1991 with Desert Storm but then they had a huge coalition arab & European and the goal was simple .. get Saddam Hussain out of Kuwait not topple him or anything else. After the war a no fly zone over the Kurdish region was imposed amd oil for food and medicine sanctions but other than that all the soldiers went home. iraq 2 it doesn't matter if it was based on a lie or bad intelligence Bush believed American soldiers would be welcomed into Iraq as heros who had ;iterated them from Saddam but they were not and Iraqs old tribal culture returned. Also for the first time Bush wanted to stick around and help rebuild Iraq after the wart whilst traditionally America knocks it all down and leaves somebody else to pick up the pieces so it was handled bad. Afghanistan was different, original plan was get out Al Quaida which worked but then the Talibn who supported Al Quaida wouldn't go away and the puppet government of Mohammed Kharzai is no more pro west than anybody else he just plays the part to make sure the wester forces use their political and military muscle to keep him in power and as there is no real opposition everybody plays the same game. Afghaanistan has never been conquered by anybody from Alexander the great - the Soviet Union so there is no way NATO forces will win this and once the troops go home nobody really knows how things will turn out. Libya was a European operation over oil because the Europeans buy alot of the purer grade oil Libya exports and they didn't want to loose that. They got rid of Gaddafi to start with things looked good but now there is a rise in terror and weapons being smuggled to groups like Hezbollah, Hamas and Al Quaida. Obama really doesn't know what to do about Assad especially as he does have WMDS and has called Obamas bluff on their use and Obama folded and there iss no desire for another Middle East war amongst the American public. The Europeans don't buy their oil from Syria so they don't want to run to the rescue especially as Assad is to well armed to enforce a no fly zone. Only a full scale assault from land and air will bring about regime change and bring order and nobody has the stomach for that. The west are still learning how to deal with wars like in the Middle East or Afghanistan where there are no nuclear threats and the enemy uses terror because they don't have the military muscle to take on the western forces and unlike any other conflicts they had to deal with the enemy worships death so is quite prepared to die if he can kill you in the process.

    from the article: Kerry: Assad's achievements in recent days only temporary
    First published 22:50 22.05.13 | Last updated 22:50 22.05.13
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