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    • Hagar Marko
    • 09.09.07 | 21:18 (IDT)

    Dear Editor, I read the article ?choose your family? by Moshe Gilad (HaAretz, September 6 2007) with great interest. However, I find it strange that there was no mention at all to the Jewish Agency?s Partnership 2000 project, which goes far beyond the relationships described in the article, both in terms of the depth of the personal connections created, the scope of those connections and the budget expended to build and sustain the relationships. Since Partnership was founded over ten years ago by the Jewish Agency, 45 regions (cities and municipalities) in Israel are connected with Jewish communities around the world creating bonds on an individual, organization and community-wide level. Partnership 2000 focuses on the creation of ties through its people-to-people programming and on the sharing of knowledge between the P2K partners in a spirit of mutuality and reciprocity; The Partnerships transcend mere philanthropy and instead leverages strengths and addresses needs on both sides of the ocean; builds an enhanced sense of Jewish identity in both Israel and abroad; and in general, creates a shared sense of Jewish destiny between the communities. For example, the Tel Aviv-Los Angeles Partnership, one of the largest and a most successful Partnerships, operates in the areas of education, health and human services, arts and culture and more. One of its flagship programs is the "School Twinning Program" which involves more than 35 schools in Tel Aviv and Los Angeles. It includes ongoing communications between the twinned schools (among students, teachers and parents), teacher exchanges, and the joint development of curricula tailored to the needs of the participating schools. Another stellar example is our Partnership's "Cinema Master Class Workshop" in filmmaking which brings on an annual basis masters and students from Hollywood for a three week workshop with Israelis film makers, a program that has resulted in several award winning films. The Tel Aviv-Los Angeles Partnership, funded by the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, similar to the other 44 Partnerships all over the world, have nurtured remarkable collaboration and a framework for ongoing cooperation that has literally changed the paradigm of Israel-Diaspora relations -- and for the better. Sincerely, Hagar Shoham-Marko Director Tel Aviv-Los Angeles Partnership

    from the article: Choose your family
    First published 00:00 06.09.07 | Last updated 00:00 06.09.07
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