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    • Tim Allon
    • 17.05.10 | 18:50 (IDT)

    I think it's a mistake to refuse Chomsky entry, but to suggest that it's an infringement on his freedom of speech is nonsense. Sovereign states have the right to refuse entry to any non-citizens they like, without out breaching anyone's human rights. Also, to tie in the refusal to allow one individual into Israel with the boycott of an entire country is pretty specious. Must Israel let in whomever wants to speak here, in order to placate those who would boycott her? Are you seriously saying that Chomsky's exclusion will make one iota of difference to the validity or success of a boycott? Chomsky has been refused entry for his published views - Israelis are being boycotted for being Israelis. Also, for clarification, I believe that whilst technically in favour of two states, Chomsky has said that this is as a first step to a 'bi-national' state. Regardless, anyone who has ever read him on Israel will know that he regards her as an American client and is wholly hostile. As for his being a Holocaust denier, it is true that he is not. However, you omitted to mention that in defending Holocaust denier, Robert Faurisson, he went way beyond the libertarian argument of freedom of speech, describing him as "a relatively apolitical liberal of some sort", despite being in possession of evidence that would have made clear exactly what sort of person Faurisson was. More generally, he said of Holocaust denial: "I see no antisemitic implications in denial of the existence of gas chambers, or even denial of the Holocaust. Nor would there be antisemitic implications, per se, in the claim that the Holocaust (whether one believes it took place or not) is being exploited, viciously so, by apologists for Israeli repression and violence. I see no hint of antisemitic implications in Faurisson's work." Had Chomsky argued that there's no necessary antisemitic implication in swastikas or the Hitler salute, he could have been no more disingenuous. Regardless of whether or not you think it pragmatic to allow him in, the suggestion that Israel has some sort of duty to host an enemy of the state and blind defender of Holocaust denial is extremely foolish. The only important question here is on exactly what grounds he was excluded. It would be useful for Israeli citizens to and institutions to know, on the basis of some consistent formula, whether or not their guests are likely to be let in.

    from the article: Strenger than Fiction / Israel is encouraging academic boycott by denying entry to Chomsky
    First published 16:56 17.05.10 | Last updated 16:56 17.05.10
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